Captured Heroines

Black Canary and Huntress, bound and gagged, squirm as the water rises.

It was a cold dark night in Gotham City and all was quiet among the civilian life. Superheroes however, never sleep and the heroines of Huntress and Black Canary are no exception, but they may fall quiet on this very night. The two heroines were out on patrol when they were caught chasing Catwoman and she ended up leading them into a trap where the two of them were gassed and knocked out unconscious. They were then dragged to the sewers where they were properly tied to poles and gagged to keep them quiet for when they eventually regained consciousness. Black Canary and Huntress were given special gags made of leather so that it would stick to their mourhs better and make it impossible for it to be shaken off to avoid Canary's screech, leaving the two alone to squrim and let out muffled cries once they woke up.