Trini is one of the five original Power Rangers. She is the first Yellow Ranger. In the original TV series she was played by Thuy Trang. Her work saving the universe alongside other rangers, led her to become a damsel in distress from time to time.   

Times of Distress

Episode 9: For Whom the Bell Trolls

In this episode, Trini's elf doll named Mr. Ticklesneezer is brought to life by the Power Rangers' longtime enemy Rita Repulsa. Then newly-animated Ticklesneezer traps Trini, as well as fellow Power Ranger Billy, in his bottle by shrinking them down. Trini and Billy are later freed from the bottle by Kimberly and battle Ticklesneezer, but the events of the episode are later revealed to have been all a dream.

Episode 12: Power Ranger Punks

In this episode, Trini, along with Jason and Zack, battle Rita's newest monster, the Terror Toad. Early in the battle, the toad transforms Trini into an energy sphere and devours her. Trini remains trapped in the toad's belly until the end of the episode when Kimberly sets her and everyone else free by striking the Terror Toad's weak point.

Episode 68: The Power Stealer

In this episode, Trini and the other Rangers battle Lord Zedd's newest monster, the Octophantom. During the battle, Trini, along with Kimberly and Zack, are sucked into Octophantom's jar. Later, having evidently been released from the jar, Trini and the others are held hostage and tied to a series of poles. She and the others are later cut free by Billy.

Episode 74: Missing Green

In this episode, Trini, as well as Kimberly, Zack, and Billy, are defeated by Goldar and taken to another dimension, where they are confined to a cage and slowly drained of their powers. They are later saved by Jason who frees them and restores their powers.