Girl cleave gagged phone

Maria attempts to call her way out bound and gagged.

It was a late night in a nice apartment building where a young woman by the name of Maria Hoffman was staying at. She invited another woman over to her apartment and they went into her room for some "personal talks". When they entered, Maria was overpowered and soon found herself with chloroform being forced upon her and she fell unconscious. As she woke up, she fell her arms and legs forced together and as she regained consciousness, she saw ropes all over her body and quickly realized that she was tied up. "Wmmmph Mmmph" she said as Maria also realized that she's been gagged and was a hostage to someone else being bound and gagged. "PPlmmmph mmmpph Uummmph" Maria let out as she squirmed, but to no avail. 

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