Summer Gleeson is a journalist and anchorwoman from Batman: The Animated Series. Her appearance and mannerisms make her the series' equivalent of Vicki Vale from the 1989 film.


Little was revealed of Summer Gleeson's past. Like her inspiration, Vicki Vale, she became a beautiful journalist with a penchant for pursuing mysterious - and often dangerous - stories. This, coupled with her media presence making her recognizable, has led to her being placed in serious distress on multiple occasions. Nevertheless, Summer assures those who worry about her that she is "a big girl." Fortunately for her, Batman has always been there to save her.

Times of Distress


Batman (The Animated Series)

S1 Ep.2 "Christmas with the Joker" - Tied up in a festive sack and gagged with a candy cane.

S1 Ep. 35 "Night of the Ninja" - Knocked out, hogtied, then covered by a tarpaulin.