Samantha and Courtney Harrison are a mother and daughter that appear in the 2004 horror film Malevolence.


In the movie they are kidnapped by an armed robber, who first handgags the daughter Courtney and forces her mother Samantha to drive to a hideout. Once there, he binds and gags the pair of them with duct tape. Whilst he is preoccupied, Courtney works at undoing her bonds and is successful, and removes her mother's gag, but before she can untie her the robber catches her. Courtney flees and the robber is in pursuit, leaving Samantha behind tied up. Unknown to Samantha, the robber is murdered by a serial killer in a nearby house, and Courtney is kidnapped by the killer.

Two more members of the robbers gang arrive and are confused by Samantha's presence and his absence, believing he has taken off with the money. The male robber is far more sympathetic to Samantha, but his female accomplice isn't, as she just wants to know where the money is. The male robber temporarily silences Samantha by covering her mouth, but when the female gets fed up with her cries for help, she uses a strip of duct tape to cover her mouth, silencing her.

The male robber leaves for a while whilst the female counts the money and watches Samantha. Whilst the killer creeps up on the female robber, Samantha tries to warn her but cannot due to being gagged, and is forced to witness helplessly as the killer guts the woman with a knife. Despite being tied up, Samantha wriggles away to a nearby cupboard to hide from the killer, and is later discovered by the male robber who unties her to find his missing accomplice as well as Samantha's daughter.

Later in the film the pair of them are kidnapped by a serial killer, and Samantha has her wrists tied above her with chains, whilst Courtney's wrists are bound behind her back with duct tape. The killer plans to kill Samantha whilst Courtney watches, however they are saved on time by one of the robbers (who has a change of heart) and temporarily takes down the killer.