Republic Hostages

Padme lies bound and gagged with Bo-Katana and Chuchi

Senators Padme Amidala Riyo Chuchi was on a simply diplomatic mission. A simple mission indeed though, so few are they. She was flying to the planet of Mandalore where new peace talks were to be established between the Confederacy and the Republic and Padme was supposed to beone of the negotiators. She went in a CR90 corvette cruiser the planet of Mandalore when the cruiser was attacked. The lights flickered and a bright white light had flashed in her face and she was knocked out before she knew what was going on along with Chuchi. Their unconcious bodies were dragged out and brough onboard another ship. In her blurry vision, Padme saw three burry blue and grey men talking about what happned until one of them came over and covered her mouth with a cloth. She didn't know what was in it but it was enough to knock her out. Some time later, Padme woke up and looked around to see that she was on another world. It wasn't Mandalore, it was Felucia, and she got concerned over what was happening.

Before she could voice a concern hwoever, someone came from behind and a cloth was thrown at her head. It was a gag, and it was quickly placed on her mouth and tied tightly to keep her silent. Padme squirmed but she was grabbed tightly and knew that she was also tied up. After being bound and gagged, Padme looked over and saw a bound and gagged Chuchi being placed down and looked at Padme with fearful eyes. A third person came over as well. It was Bo-Katan Kryze, a mandalorian warrior who defected from the Shadow Collective and was captured as a result. She was stripped of her mandalorian armor with only a tight black catsuit as her only clothing. Like the other two, she too was bound and gagged and placed down between the two captured senators.