Red is a singer/performer at a bar in Victorian London who becomes embroiled in intrigue between Sherlock Holmes and Professor James Moriarty in the 2010 film Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes. Despite the crassness of her environment, she is sweet, gentle, and kind. 

Damsel-in-Distress Experience

After naively/innocently believing the Professor to be a friend, Red finds herself betrayed and subdued by him at the first opportunity. With her bound, gagged, and helpless, Moriarty is quite confident that he can reveal his plan to use gem-focused solar-eclipse light to slice open the Tower of London and thereby steal the Crown Jewels; he even rips Red's bejeweled choker from her defenseless throat. Having the wrist-portion of her bindings changed from behind- to in-front, Moriarty stashes her in the back of his coach while he and his cats perform this dastardly deed.

The frightened damsel can only squeal timidly into her gag as her compartment briefly fills with smoke, yet soon Tom and Jerry crash through its rear wall to rescue her. Nevertheless, the selfless Red asks them not to worry about her but rather to stop the coach - even though Jerry has only started work on her wrist-bindings.