Princess Jasmine is the second main character from Aladdin.

Biography Edit

Times of Distress Edit

Film Edit

  • Aladdin; Trapped, nearly suffocated
  • The Return of Jafar; Kidnapped, imprisoned

Television Edit

  • S01E08 Garden of Evil; leaf/handgagged, bound, kidnapped, restrained
  • S01E12 Web of Fear; webbed, mummified, kidnapped
  • S01E15 Strike Up the Sand; grabbed, eaten, imprisoned
  • S01E20 SandSwitch; chained, handgagged, restrained
  • S01E30 Elemental My Dear Jasmine; grabbed, restrained
  • S01E54 Armored and Dangerous; chained, imprisoned
  • S01E56 Black Sand; swallowed whole, imprisoned
  • S01E65 Destiny on Fire; bound, over the mouth gagged
  • S02E03 The Prophet Motive; netted, bound, used as bait
  • S02E10 A Sultan Worth His Salt; mummified/bound, rope gagged, kidnapped, over the shoulder carried, netted
  • S03E02 Riders Redux; bound/chained, grabbed, dangled

Gallery Edit

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