Mulan was on patrol in the outskirts of Beijing when she ran into the three princess. Mulan welcomed them to come along, but they came with warnings of danger and invasion. "Beijing is burning! Beijing is burning!" one of the princess let out as Mulan and the three of them rushed back to the city only to find it engulfed in flames. "No" Mulan let out upon her arrival to the city which was burning and being ransacked by a band of Japanese warriors lead by an infamous warlord from Japan. Mulan went into battle and fought the Japanese warriors, but could only hold them off for so long before the Samurai showed up and eventually overpowered her. 

Mulan was grabbed and a toxin was thrown in her face knocking her out, but she saw the three princesses get captured moments before she lost conscious letting out a "No" before drifting off to sleep. When she woke up, she found herself tied to a bamboo stick being carried by two Japanese warriors and was silenced by a gag made from the robs of fallen Chinese. "Mmph Mmmph" Mulan let out squirming on the bamboo pole, only for her to stop after hearing a "Mmmmph" across from her and she saw one of the princesses tied to a bamboo pole and gagged as well. 

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