She is a character from the haunted house at the Disney theme parks in California, Florida, Japan and France. In America and Japan, she only appears in a portrait, where she is standing on a tightrope above a crocodile. In France, the haunted house is themed more around her, where she is a woman who wanted to marry her boyfriend, but her angry father murdered him, leaving her to be sad and miserable, even when she died. She is still being tormented and mocked by a ghost called the Phantom, who people think is her dad. She speaks with a Southern accent.

  • She is sometimes one of the characters you can meet in the Florida park, where they give her a French accent instead.
  • She has been known as many other names, such as Daisy, Lillian and Sally.
  • In the comics based on the ride, she is evil.
  • She did not ever get rescued in either version, she had died.
  • The top part of her dress was maroon in earlier drafts of the painting.
  • In current paintings, the top of her dress is either blue or dark purple.
  • In some merchandise, she is shown to possibly have romantic feelings for a German ghost named Victor.
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