There exists a store located somewhere in the Midwest. It's located in a small town, very few people live there, but many people travel there just to find this store. The shop as it's called, is supposedly where rare and valuable products are found and are very valuable towards elites and criminals as well. This shop however, is far from a regular store as it serves the criminal underworld and provides "products" towards their customers. This place is called the Maid Shop and is ran by a mysterious woman who's responsible for the kidnapping of many other girls and sends them to her store. Maids in particullar are her main targets and she has them sold to criminal buyers for money, though she's rumored to keep some of the maids to herself.

The Golden Maiden

Gagged e2

Lucy, the Golden Maiden, prized maid of the owner.

The owner is rumored to own a maid herself, but she's not a regular maid. Her name's Lucy and she's the prized posession of the owner who keeps Lucy in her private quarters, tied up, bound, and gagged away from everyone else. Lucy was a maid working in Colorado when the owner began dating her and on their third date, Lucy went missing. She woke up in the store in a maid uniform with her body bound by ropes and a cloth in her mouth servicing as a gag to keep her quiet. Lucy has remained tied up and gagged since then and is only shown to the most trusted of associates and clients of her mysterious captor. Lucy tries to talk to her captor, but can only make it for a few minutes before she's gagged again and since being kidnapped, she's developed an odd love for her bindings and has began to enjoy being gagged. 

She can't explain it, but justifies it saying that she's bored and doesn't have to talk to scummy criminals knowing that she's gagged and won't be sold off, but secretly has genuine enjoyment for her captivity deep down inside and does her best to survive, even if it means being loyal to her captor. Because she's loyal and complient towards the owner, she rewards Lucy by treating her well, making her captivity "satisfying", and has given her the nickname of the "Golden Maiden" as well. Little did Lucy know however, she was being given special contacts which brainwash her and make her a mindless slave to her captor. While she wears the contacts commonly, she does have moments of independent thought, and lacks any motivation to fight for her freedom due to her conditioning.

It was a cold rainy day when Lucy awoke to see the owner. "Mmmph" she let out as her captor turned around and got close to her. "Morning" the woman said as she kissed Lucy's gagged mouth and applied her contacts properly. "I got a lot of customers today so I'm gonna be busy, but I won't forget you though" she said while stroking Lucy's body and tightened her binds and gag. Grabbing her face she kissed Lucy again before leaving. As she left, Lucy let out some muffled cries "Mmmph mmmm Ummmph" as her contacts kicked in and she began to be brainwashed into loving her captor and enjoying her binds and gag. "I'll be back" and she closed the door leaving Lucy alone to squirm.

The Maid Auction

Maid Shop

Emily, bound and gagged, is sold to two buyers.

As the day progressed, the shop was set up and the maids were brought out. The maids were all bound and gagged and were set up to be sold to various clients. The maids would alwasy trying squirming, but they would fail and would often be punished with brainwashing if they didn't comply. Those who weren't brainwashed were displayed to be sold and such ladies were silenced with special gags stating if they were either sold or were up for purchase. The maids would be auctioned off and one of the unlucky laides was Emily Watson, a young maid who was kidnapped California and brought to be sold off. Emily was shown online to the deep web and was claimed by many. When they came, Emily was displayed, nicely tied up and gagged with a pink cloth stating that she was sold. 

Emily was scared and paniced. As her buyers came in and began bidding, she began squirming letting out many quiet muffled cries. "MMmmpph mmmph mmmph" she said while looking around in a paniced mood. She shook her hands, but the bindings were right and her gag was tied on tight as well as it wouldn't bulge no matter how much she shook her head. "Mmmph mmmph Ummmph" Emily said with her gag muffling her voice and disturbed individuals preparing to buy her like a product. Emily squrimed and let out muffled cries, but she did comply with the owner's demands as she knew that if she was causing a scene and tried escaping, she be bought by the owner and it was a worse fate considering the disturbing nature of her captor and Emily complied. Her muffled cries and gag made her cute and attractive with a female Russian crime lord having an interest in buying her. Gags remained on at all times and everyone was forbidden from taking them off.

The Owner's Maids

Lingerie damsels

Jayla and Hana's humiliation by their new "owner".

Not all maids complied however and some were rebellious and caused trouble. As punishment, they were "bought" by the owner and were sentto a backroom where they'd be tormented for their disobedience. Two such maids were Jayla and Hana Kamishiro. Jayla was from Brooklyn and Hana was originally from Japan, but worked as a maid in New York. They were kidnapped and sent to the shop and were very loud. Their gags were tied tightly, but they were distruptive and were chloroformed and sent to the backroom for "purchase" by the owner. Jayla and Hana woke up stripped of their maid uniforms and were in the lingerie, chained to a seat in a shoe close, and were bound with chains and gagged with a strong piece of sticky leather. "MMmmph mmmph Mmmmmph" Hana said shivering in response to the cold temperature of the closet and her lingerie didn't help her nor Jayla out either and feared what was going to happen to them.

The owner came into the closet and began stroking the bodies of the women, particullary Hana, with a feather on a stick. "You two were very very rude today" the owner said staring at them with anger. "But, that does mean I can now buy you and I'd be lying if I didn't say that I -" she glared at the gagged maids with a lustful look "I didn't want you two". "MMMmph Uummmph Plmmmph" Jayla let out as Hana began squirming and breaking down in front of her captor. "SSssshhhhhh" said the owner covering Hana's mouth and holding her nose. "Be quiet" she said and Hana complied, but her lower body and thighs were stroked along with Jayla and the two maids were kissed by the owner despite being gagged and they were left along as the closet got colder and they tried to cuddle for warmth. "I'm gonna love you two" the owner said while walking away to settle the purchase of Emily at the auction.