It was late at night in Gotham City at a building owned by Wayne Enterprise where one woman remains working while everybody else has gone home for the night. Her name is Marva Cooper and she's a young 30 year old woman who works for Wayne Enterprise knowing how much they make and the high salaries, but is close to Bruce Wayne and cares not for her salary as long as it's able to sustain her financially. She was busy cleaning up the office building when she all of a sudden heard a loud thud come from the 14th floor which she was right above and walked up to see what it was. As she walked into the office building, she only saw empty desks and turned around to go back to working on the equipment since she was a technician, when she saw a figure deep in the corner of the room while turning around to the exit door. Marva looked a bit closer only to see the figure run behind a desk and it caused her to panic.

In response, she left quickly and tried heading towards the nearest phone to call 911 knowing that an intruder was in the building. As she found the phone, she was quickly grabbed and knocked unconscious by the intruder via chloroform and was soon brought to a room where she was tied up while knocked out and an orange cloth was readied to gag her. Marva began waking up and she was gagged within seconds with her regaining consciousness only to find herself tied up and recently gagged. "MMph mmmmph" she let out as she began squirming and shaking her head, only to be grabbed and it having no effect on her binds nor gag.