Kelly Halloway was walking home from school one day after chearleader tryouts and was relieved. Things were looking up as the young teen was about to be accepted into the team and was happy arriving home. The next day, she stayed after school and took part in rehearsals and also did well upon going home. While heading home however, she heard the screams of a young girl named Maria and ran to see what was happening. She went so see what was happening when Maria ran into her shouting "MONSTERs! MONSTERs! There are monsters chasing me!" and standing in front of them was Lord Zedd, a dangerous enemy of the Power Rangers, and other minions of his. "I'm afriad that you two ladies will be coming with me" Zedd said standing proudly in front of the girls. "There are some rangers that need defeating and I believe that you'll be necessary in convincing them to come".

The two girls tried running away, but Zedd and his minions caught up to them and eventually had the two girls captured. He then brought them back to the place where he planned on dueling the Power Rangers and tied the two girls to a poll. "You won't get away with this!" Kelly said as Lord Zedd laughed at her and mocked them. Zedd later had the two girls gagged for being too loud and as a means of further aggrivating the Power Rangers who knew that they would eventually come to face him. "MMph MMph MMMPh" was all that the two girls let out as Zedd laughed and prepared himself and his other minions for battle against the Power Rangers who flew in to save the girls and defeat the monsters.