Juri's toys
Juri Han walked into a small dojo while she was in Japan. She strolled quietly and with a smile and entered into a room. There stood three women Cammy White, Chung-Lee, and C. Viper, all of whom were targeted by S.I.N. to be captured and delt with. Juri had done so and with quite the enjoyment, especially with Cammy as she was originall captued, bound and gagged by Cammy and now the tables have turned. In the room, the three women were tied up to a poll, their arms and legs bound, their strength weakened by an unknown formula, and gags in their mouths. Juri stared for a moment and then they woke up. "Rise and shine" Juri said "There's a lot you need to catch up on". Upon wakening, Chung-Lee noticed that something was wrong. She struggled to break free but within seconds knew that she was tied up and her muffled cries informed her that she was gagged. Cammy glared at Juri and Viper stared down in shame.

Juri laughed sadistically and walked over to Cammy who glared at her angerly. "Mmmph Mmmmph" Cammy let out a muffled cry only to be blocked by her gag. Cammy's head was then grabbed by Juri who got close to it. She took her finger and toughed Cammy's gag "Shh" Juri said and she strolled her finger down Cammy's head and down her body, over her green leotard, and downward some more. Cammy blushed as Juri grabbed her, "I've always liked your body, so beautiful, so gracious, and now it's all mine" Juri said. She then remined Cammy of how Juri was once bound and gagged by Cammy and talked about how Juri enjoyed her binds, her ropes, and her gag and once she broke free, she was in 'ecstasy' when tying up and gagging Cammy. Juri stroked Cammy for a little bit while she blushed with  embarresment and struggled to break free from Juri grabbed her again. "Just relax and you'll all be fine" Juri said while she stroked down Cammy's lower body and stroked around it for longer periods of time than before while going into detail about Juri being in Cammy's captivity previously. "I remember me being in your position right now remember? Hands behind my back, tight ropes and tied to a pole, and a nice little gag as well. I saw the look and your face and you enjoyed it, you enjoyed me as your captive and I did to so when a I broke out and captured you, I was in heaven tying you up and hearing you squeal behind that gag, it's beautiful". Cammy then stopped and stared in anger and embarresment at Juri while she walked over to Chung-Lee covered her nose. "I suggest calming down or I might need some chloroform" while grabbing her nose for a few seconds. Chung-Lee squirmed but eventually calmed down and Juri got up and walked over to C. Viper. "Hey there, little snake. Must be embarresing for you isn't it" she said mockingly to her.

Viper growned at her but it was muffled by her gag and she looked down while Juri continued to mock her. Juri smiled and put her finger around Viper's chest. "You've grown quite well haven't you" she said perversly. "Damn, puberty was kind to you in fact, puberty's been kind to all of you" Juri said to the others. "It's a shame to. Your gorgeous looks are all going away soon" and she walked over to reveal the bomb she had in the middle of the room and was covered by a blanket. "My superiors want you gone and this place to be destroyed so no evidence can be found so, this is it". All three were shocked with Chung-Li squirming fast and Cammy looking at the bomb in fury while Viper continued to look down. Chung-Lee greatly struggled and let out many loud muffled cries. "MMMMMPH MMPH MMMMPH JMMPH FMMPH YMMPH MMMMMMPPHHHH" was all that Chung-Lee would let out while Cammy struggled, but also let out only muffled cries. Viper however, saw cracks in the floor and thought that if they struggled enough, the floor would break and they could escape.