It was a friday night when Linda Parker, an inner city office employee, was driving home from work late at night. She had tried calling her daughter, Maddison, but to no avail and guessed that she went out with her friends. She arrived home where the lights were still on and Maddison was gone with a note saying that she was gone and was with her friend. Linda relaxed and drove to where her daughter was at and arrived at the house at around 10:28 P.M. and waited for her to come out. After sometime however, Maddison hadn't come out, but it was a boy instead. "Hey Mrs. Parker. How you doing?" asked the young man named Peter. Linda responded "Good. I'm just here to pick up Maddison". "Why don't you come in?' Peter said "She's getting ready, but brought a lot of stuff and it won't really take that long". Linda got out of her car and walked inside the house and sat in the living room and was given some water.

Downstairs in the basement, Maddison, Linda's 17 year old daughter, had heard her mom walk in and tried to get upstairs, but was stopped by another girl, her friend named Trisha, and managed to buy enough time to get out a rag of chloroform and use it on Maddison. Maddi was scared and squirmed, but Trisha's grip was too strong and she eventually passed out and was dragged into a corner by Trisha where she took out some ropes and began tying her up. Meanwhile upstairs, Linda was drinking her water when she began to lose consciousness and called Peter over. She spilled some water to which Pter said "Here, lemme clean that up for you" and had a cloth, but it was also filled with chloroform and used it to knock out Linda. She was then brought to the floor and tied up as well and Maddi was brought upstairs as well by Trisha and two other people eventually showed up as well.

Linda woke up hours later noticing that she was tied up and saw her daughter in front of her scarred and tied up as well. "Mom, what's going on I'm scared" Maddi said in a paniced tone. Linda tried calming her down "I don't know sweetie, but I'll try to get us out of here". As Linda was reassuring Maddi's safety, a masked man walked up with tape and Maddi knew she was going to be gagged. "Please don't do this, I'll be quiet, I'll be quiet, I'll be - mmmph!" was all that Maddi said as tape was stuck across her mouth and wrapped across her head to. The tape gagged the young teen and she squired and let out muffled cries as Linda was also gagged to, but with some fabric instead. "Mmph mmph! Plmmph dmmph MMmmph" was all Linda muffled as her gag was tied tightly across her mouth and another gag was also put on her, leaving her sturggling to let out a single understandable peep.