Flash Comics # 29 is a comic book published by DC Comics.

It is made of 8 unrelated storylines each one with a different lead character and in one of them the favourite damsel in distress of the series, reporter Marisa Dillon, gets into peril again.


Marisa Dillon and Rod are involved in a bank robbery, but they are relieved when the police stops the criminals.

Marisa joins the officers wanting to get a great storyline for her newspaper, but Rod (alias The Whip) suspects of the smoking officers.

Once in the car the reporter finds out the policemen were fake and part of a plan to escape, they take her to their hideout and menace to silence her, and while her life is saved by The Whip, she is taken hostage by a villian.

Marisa is tied up and gagged in a car, but The Whip follows in his horse and catches up to them and saves his damsel.


While tied up several times, this was the first time ever that Marisa's distress included a gag.