Flash Comics #25 is a comic book by DC Comics, it features 8 unrelated storylines each one with a different lead character. In the first and main story, featuring the Golden Age Flash, we have heavy damsel in distress action.


The main storyline opens with a dramatic scene, Joan Williams is tied up to a pole and she is about to be shot to death, but the Flash enters the room and saves her life. Asking how did she end in this situation, the girl tells the hero that he should free her from her bonds and then she will tell her the story.

Once free, Joan tells the Flash that she got a job as secretary in the Ministry of Defense, and she was asked to locate and stop racketeers that were hurting the United States war efforts.

Joan found and menaced the rackets, but this only got her kidnapped, tied to the pole and she was about to be killed when she was rescued.

Later in the story, Joan is kidnapped and distressed again, this time with no bondage involved. She is locked inside a solid steel tank and the kidnappers are with her, hoping to shot the fast hero from inside.

However, the hero once more outsmarts the villians and frees Joan from danger.