Flash Comics# 22 is a comic book published by DC Comics in the 1940's.

It features several unrelated storylines each one with a different lead character.

In one of them, a story featuring Les Sparks, we have damsel in distress action.

It was the first time a story of this character had a kidnapped damsel.


In an isolated town in Alaska a group of criminals attack the cabin of Mr. Frank Hinds and his daughter, Sue. They believe there is gold hidden there and want it for them.

The criminals accidentalyy knock Frank out and Sue tells them they have all their gold in the bank. That means the bad guys decide to kidnap the young girl in order to force her father to give them the gold.

Susan is taken to another cabin where she is bound and gagged and tell she will be a prisoner until a ramson is paid.

Unknown to the bad guys, radio amateur Les Sparks and his friends were vacationing in Alaska and heared problems.

While one of the friends, Joe, tries to be a hero and ends up kidnapped next to the gal, Les Sparks and his friend Sung Li manage to stop the criminals and eventually they find and untie the two captives.

Susan is marveled as how she got help from California thanks to the radio.