Flash Comics #11 is a comic book published by DC Comics and made up of several individual storylines unrelated to each other. Each one of them has a different lead character and in one of them we find a damsel in distress.

This happens in the Hawkman story titled Trouble in Suburbia

In this story Carter Hall and his girlfriend, Shiera Sanders, learn about a real state fraud and, each one by their own since Shiera is not yet aware that his boyfriend is the Hawkman, decide to investigate.

Both arrive separately at the criminals liar where Hawkman throws one of the bad guys out of a door unknowingly knocking Shiera out.

Once the criminal reacts he finds the unconcious Shiera and thinking she was the attacker he takes her captive.

Shiera is tied up to a chair and gagged, while the Hawkman keeps working in the case. Left alone, the girl struggles with her bonds and is eventually able to free herself, but much to her bad luck Hawkman throws a criminal in the air once more, and once more knocks her out.

This time, however, the superhero finds the girl, and not revealing he was involved in the case, he leaves the proof to the crimes next to her so she finds them when she wakes up and she takes it to the police.


This was the first time in history that Shiera Sanders, ho would become Hawkgirl, was gagged.