Red Lightning and Luna Hawk captured

Red Lightning and Luna Hawk bound and gagged at the mercy of Black Bolt

It was a calm afternoon in the western United States in the city of Freeway where the iconic abandoned skyscraper-factory hybrid building lied there towering over the city. Inside however, was a far more devious event as the heroines Red Lightning and Luna Hawk were captured by their archenemy, Black Bolt, who had the women tied up, bound and gagged at her mercy all the way at the top of the building. The two girls were captured fighting Black Bolt and her minions when she gassed them and knocked them out, buying her enough time to tie up and gag the two of them and hold them captive. 

The 23 year old superheroine, Red Lightning, soon woke up with Luna Hawk looking at her with a paniced face. "Mmmph?" was let out as the red haired heroine realized that she was gagged and looked down to see her entire body tied up and also saw Hawk, her sidekick and close friend, bound and gagged as well. "MMmph mmmph Mmmph" Red let out as she began squirming as Hawk did the same, but neither had broke through and they remained tied up, bound, and gagged and at the mercy of their captor who walked in with a prideful smirk.

"Well well well, if it isn't the wonderous Red Lightning" Bolt said walking into the room. "All tied up and at my mercy, my how the mighty have fallen" she said walking closer to her captives. "Mmmmmph mmmm mmmph mmmmph mm mmmph" Red Lightning let out squirming in her chair and muffling beneath her gag which refused to loosen despite how much she shook her head. All of a sudden, Lightning's head was grabbed and Black Bolt glared at her with a villainous look while tightening her ropes. During all of this she said "I could kill you right here right now, but I have bigger plans for you lightning and I've grown to like you a bit. So here's the deal, cooperate with me and your little friend won'y get hurt, understand hero?". Red Lighting looked over to Luna who was scared and let out an "Ymmmph" saying yes as Black Bolt calmed down, smiled, and tightened both heroines' gags. "I like it when you're both silent, it's soothing" Bolt said walking off to complete her plans.

Outside of the room was a crane-like device that was to support both Lightning and Hawk as the bound and gagged damsels would be swung from atop and would be slowly lowered down into a large pit of chemicals. Meanwhile inside, the damsels continued to struggle with Red Lightning letting out "Mmmppgh mmmmphh mmmmph" while squirming with Luna going "Ymmph fmmmph Nmmmph mmmph" in a scared fashion and squriming lightly. Neither of them broke free and they began to calm down to not exhaust themselves, but they remained hostages still. Luna began squirming and twirled her chair around until she fell over letting out an "Ommmph mmmph" after falling on the floor. Red Lightning tried bouncing herself forward, but only had limited success and let out an "Ymmph ommph mmmph? (You okay Luna)". Luna nodded, but was still annoyed at how she was bound and gagged and the same went for Red Lightning who began looking around the room knowing that Black would be back and try to harm them somehow. 

After a couple of minutes, the villainess returned and had two of her henchmen pick up the bound and gagged heroines and brought them to a platform of the old tower that they were sitting in. The heroines' ropes were altered as they were no longer bound to their chairs, but were instead tied up and carried while also remaining gagged. Red Lightning glared at Bolt saying "Wmmph rmmmmph ymmph mmmph" meaning to ask what she was doing. Bolt only said "Ssshhh" as she stroked her finger across Red's gag and had it go down slowly and stroked much of her body before saying "Just stay quiet" up close in her face and whispered it to. Red let out a muffled growl as her binds and gag were tightened once again along with Luna and the two of them were strapped to the crane and were hovered right above the vat of chemicals. "Hope you two can swim" Black said as she began to lower the crane and the two heroines looked down below to see what was going to happen.

Red Lightning began to think of an escape plan and was able to think fast under pressure, but knew her options were limited. Her hands were tied above her and knew undoing them would plumit her to the chemical vats and looked around for a place where she and Luna can swing onto to avoid being drowned in chemicals. Red began looking around and saw a ledge with a door that was at one of the lower levels of the facotry. Her eyes lit up and she nudged at Luna letting out an "Mmph" and tilted her head to signal the location of the door to Luna who got the message despite the two of them being gagged. The two began swinging and eventually made it to the level where the door was. Luna swung her arms up and managed to take out a knife to cut their ropes off and free them from the crane. The scissors fell however and the two heroines remained tied up with their hands tied behind their backs and their gags still on, but they managed to open the door and run away fast. After a couple of minutes, the two heroines made it to the first floor and were untying each other when gas went off and they began loosing consiousness. Luna fell on the floor and Red Lightning did as well as figures showed up tying them up once again and were given new gags to. Before falling unconscious, Red Lightning saw a fresh new gag cover her mouth, her hands being grabbed to be tied up, and a woman in front of her saying "Well what do we have here" before her eyes closed and she lost consciousness.

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