Calm down Rapunzel

Dino and Rapunzel (unofficial title) is the name given to an ongoing serial depicting Dino the Dinosaur and the princess Rapunzel. The series ran from November 2015 until going on a hiatus in May 2016, before resuming in August 2017.


Dino is an unstable quiet young man who has an obsession with the Disney animated movie Tangled, especially its lead protagonist Rapunzel. He saw Rapunzel as innocent, too innocent for this dark and cruel world and planned to keep her safe from what was to come.

Dino went on a trip to seek out his own Rapunzel. He tried to seek out a childhood friend of his named Sarah, who he felt would make the perfect Rapunzel, but was unable to track her down as she was part of a resistance group.

While attending college and having to take on a human alter ego, Dino came across a young woman named Justyna, who he felt resembled Rapunzel. Feeling awkward, he asked her out and she accepted, as she was also knew and felt shy and nervous. The pair of them grew close, and Dino felt she was the perfect one to take on as Rapunzel.

He took her out for a date to a Disney styled picnic, where he dressed as the male protagonist Flynn and she dressed as Rapunzel, which made his fantasy a reality. During the picnic he proposed to her, which she accepted.

On the day before the wedding, Rapunzel got kidnapped by Dino's evil cousin Barney, who planned to have her all to himself. He chained up Rapunzel in the basement and gagged her, and revealed that he was a "collector of princesses" and would find out Disney princesses to join her. Dino tracked down Barney to his location and killed him and rescue Rapunzel, and the pair of them tied the knot.

Although Dino was into Tangled and Rapunzel, he was also obsessed with his dino persona (which was modeled after the fearsome Indominous Rex from the 2015 movie Jurassic World) and began to turn into a savage beast. In fear, Rapunzel locked up Dino in their hotel room and tried to look for ways to cure his insanity, but he ended up escaping and after nearly mauling her, fled and went into hiding.

After gaining back some of his sanity left, Dino decided to eliminate Rapunzel and eat her, feeling that there was no more protection for her in the dark world they inhabited. He went to her apartment and tied her up in the attic, where he planned to kill her and turn her into a feast. Rapunzel escaped her bonds, and grabbed a shotgun where she shot Dino point blank in the chest, presumably killing him. After this, she went into hiding.

Dino survived his wounds, but was arrested and deemed mentally unfit to stand trial and instead sent to an institute where he would be treated. He still obsessed over Rapunzel, and plastered his cell in photographs of the character from Tangled and kept some in a scrapbook, where he believed he was being kept from her by evil forces.

After five years of imprisonment, Dino was released after he seemingly put behind his obsessive behaviour and could rejoin society as a stable human being. But this was just a ruse, as he bought himself a new dinosaur mask and planned to find his perfect Rapunzel.

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