Lucky Prescott was going to have an ordinary day at the beach with her friends as a means of celebrating her eighteenth birthday, but fate had other plans for her unfortunately. Lucky would hang out with her friends all day, but she decided to stay a little bit longer even as the rest went back to her beach house and she laid there on the beach. While she was laying there, two other girls walked over to her with one of them holding her down and the other knocking her out with chloroform. "Mmmmrrrpppph mmrrrmmmmph" Lucky let out as the chloroform took affect and resulted in her being knocked out. "Good, now tie let's tie her up" one of the kidnappers said as she flipped Lucky's body over and began tying her arms together while her partner took out a cloth and duct tape and began gagging her. Since the beach was abandoned, the two woman managed to slip away with Lucky and threw her unconscious body into the back of their car where she lied there bound and gagged.

The car began moving and under the cover of night, they got away while Lucky remained stuck in the back of the trunk. A few hours later, she began to wake up and woke up to dark skies and dim lights. "Mmph" she let out as she began to wake up and began feeling the ropes binding her arms and legs together as well as the cloth in her mouth and tape across her mouth gagging her. "MMmph mmmph" the girl let out and she began squirming which only alerted her captors to which one replied saying "Sleeping beauty's awake". Lucky began looking around and started squirming letting out muffled cries along the way. "MMmmph mmmph ymmpph fmmph ummph" was all that was heard as the teen girl squirmed and wathced her binds keep her down. She tried shaking her head to loosen the gag, but it had no affect.