Batgirl and Zatanna gagged

Batgirl falls victim to Catwoman while trying to rescue a bound and gagged Zatanna.

Batgirl was traversing across Gotham City one night when the signal of Zatanna, her close friend and partner, went out. After an hour with no response and her signal still inactve, Batgirl went out and tried to find where Zatanna was. She first tracked her last known location which was near an abandoned wearhouse. "Where is she?" Batigirl asked after arriving at the scene where Zatanna's signal went out. "Where could she have gone?" Batgirl said looking around until she found Zatanna's hat on the ground and picked it up. "This might help" and the hat was picked up by Batgirl who analyzed the fingerprints on it to see if someone else might've attacked the magician girl. Only Zatanna showed up on the prints, but underneath the hat was a piece of cloth that was grey and Batgirl knew who it was, Catwoman. "Catwoman at it again" she said as she studied security footage to see where Catwoman was at and managed to trace a signal back to a building in the north. Batgirl went there and arrived at the building. It was average size-wise and was well built and finished, but was abandoned and presumable closed for the night. While walking around, Batgirl saw a light glare from a door and ran into the room. There, she bursted into a tan room where she found Zatanna sitting on a chair, tied up, bound, gagged and squirming. "Hold on I'll cut you free" Batgirl said getting out a Batarang to free her friend, but stopped when she heard Zatanna squirm and let out muffled cries.

"Nnmmmppphh Mmmpphh mmmph ymmph" Zatanna let out as she continued to squirm and struggle in her chair. Her gag kept her mouth shut and silent, a major weakness for her as a heroine like Zatanna is very speech-reliant for her powers and when gagged, she's defenselsess, especially when tied up. Batgirl stood confused on what Zatanna was saying as she remained bound and gagged and could only hear muffled cries from her bound and gagged friend. Before Batgirl could free Zatanna, she was grabbed and a cloth covered her mouth and nose. "Mmmpph" Batgirl let out as the cloth was not only covering her mouth, it was soaked in chloroform and it began to knock out the heroine as she struggled to break free, but was loosing control and consciousness rather fast. "Hugh my little bird" Catwoman let out as she kept Batgirl in her arms, continued to chloroform her, and Zatanna sat there shocked and continued squirming, but did nothing beyond letting out muffled cries. "Nnmmmpph mmmmpphhh"  Zatanna said struggling to free her hands, but to no avail as Batgirl began to fall unconscious with sounds like "Mmmmph mmph" and her arms slowly falling downward. "Mmmph" Zatanna said as she slowed down her squirming knowing that Batgirl was going to be captured and knew that the two heroines would be bound and gagged for an unknown purpose to benefit Catwoman.