Bunny Vreeland was a young Gotham City socialite and the daughter of Veronica Vreeland, a close friend of Bruce Wayne. Bunny was kidnapped and ransomed for five million dollars. She was kept hostage at an abandoned hanger.

Veronica paid the ransom, but the kidnappers hadn't returned Bunny yet. They kept her bound and gagged to a pole. When they had all the money, the kidnappers had planned to take a plane and escape, but first they were going to kill Bunny. Right when Bunny was about to be shot, Batman swooped in and stopped them. When he believed that all the thugs were knocked out he went to free Bunny. Bunny tried to muffle through her gag, "Behind you!", but was no use when the leader had hit Batman with a large wrench. Bunny witnessed the leader beat Batman with the wrench, where she had turned her head and cried. When the leader was about to kill him, Batman grabbed a gun and held it at the leader. The leader ran out and was apprehended by the police. Bruce Wayne had left and the cops later found Bunny. She was the last damsel Bruce Wayne ever saved as Batman.

Times of Distress


  • Batman Beyond
    • Episode Rebirth


Batman Beyond damsel 2

Batman Beyond damsel 2