Ariel is the main character from The Little Mermaid.


Times of Distress


  • The Little Mermaid; grabbed, pulled, restrained.
  • The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea; grabbed, bound/restrained, gagged.


  • S01E02 The Great Sebastian; netted, chained, restrained
  • S01E04 Urchin; trapped, held for ransom
  • S01E06 Message in a Bottle; stuck, bound, restrained
  • S01E07 Charmed; nearly bagged, groped, fingered
  • S01E08 Marriage of Inconvenience; grabbed, nearly eaten (thankfully, it was only a dream her friend Urchin was having)
  • S01E13 Trident True; trapped, cornered
  • S02E02 Calliope Dreams; grabbed
  • S02E06 Wish Upon a Starfish; grabbed, bound
  • S03E05 Heroes; stuck in slow sand, lassoed/bound, restrained
  • S03E08 A Little Evil; tricked, caged, imprisoned, cornered

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