Interactive Teacher

Ms. Wellington is bound and gagged as part of an "interactive lesson".

It was a quiet afternoon in the small town of Bakersfield in Vermont where a young woman by the name of Ms. Heather Wellington was staying after school. She was a teacher, and a young one at that being only 32 years old, and was in charge of watching a girl in detention. Her name was Lilith Anderson, but she went by the nickname Lily and was infamous for her disobedient behavior and her reckless nature. It was a Saturday and Lily was left along with Ms. Wellington who was busy writing at her desk while Lily was either taking notes, glaring at her, or doing anuthing to pass the time while at detention. Lilith decided read a book and suddenly said "Ms. Wellington, can you come here for a moment"? "Uh year sure be right there" Heather said surprisingly since this was out of character for Lilith. As the young teacher walked over, Lilith pointed out a section in her book and asked if Wellington knew anything about a supposedly vague part of the story.

"Uh I dunno let me see" she said while looking at the book. While staring at the pages, Lilith took out a piece of cloth slowly and silently and rammed it on Wellington's mouth covering it and silencing her. "Mmmph mmmph" Wellington let out as she struggled, but Lilith was surprisingly strong and the cloth was doused in chloroform and she was quickly falling asleep/ "Just breath it in okay and it'll all be over" Lilith said as Heather drifted off to sleep. Afterwards, Lilith put Heather's unconscious body on a chair and began tying her up and event taped her mouth shut to gag her. Lilith, after some time, began tickling Wellington in her thighs which helped wake her up. "Mmmmmpphhh" she let out as she quicly realized her situation.