Amy was the socialite girlfriend of Jordan Pryce, who was working with the Jokerz to get rid of Bruce Wayne. When Jordan invited Amy for a celebration on his yacht, she accepted. When Amy arrived at the pier, she was intercepted by the Jokerz who had her bound and gagged her to a pole while the Female Jokerz Dee Dee took her place. It wasn't long till the Dee Dee's revealed themselves. They shoved Jordan out the window when he asked where Amy was, to which one of the Dee's responded, "Missed the boat I'm afraid," showing a helpless Amy struggling against her bonds. Amy is never shown again onscreen. It is unknown if Batman Beyond had saved her before going after the yacht or if the police had gotten to her first.

Times of Distress


  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker - Voiced by Arleen Sorkin


Batman Beyond damsel 1

Batman Beyond damsel 1