Part 1Edit

It is a beautiful evening, a nice way to end a beautiful day. A mother and daughter were heading home, having had a wonderful time. They had been for the day out, first down the town centre, then to the beach, then the park. Nothing could be better.

The mother is a woman in her early 30s, with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a slender build. Her daughter looked similar, but aged 10. After a long day, they were looking forward to relaxation, and to get ready for the new day ahead. But unaware to the mother, they were being followed by a mysterious figure, who had been keeping a close eye for most of the day, if not longer.

They reached their flat and let themselves in. As the evening grew into night, the mother put her daughter to bed. As she prepared to lie down due to feeling achy, there came a knock at the door. She went to look through the peephole. Feeling somewhat at ease at whoever stood at the otherside, she undid the key chain, unlocked the door and let the man in. The pair talked, and as she went to the kitchen to make them both tea - or perhaps something stronger - she got the shock of her life as he ran up and hit her over the head hard, knocking her to the ground. Not knowing what hit her, she fell into a daze and the world spun. She found herself being dragged by her feet towards the living area. The world spun and she wanted to be sick, but soon blacked out.

The mother awoke. She still felt groggy, not knowing what happened. Did she dream it? As she tried to gasp and get up, she couldn't. She felt a sticky substance across her mouth, and realised she had tape across her mouth! She moaned, and struggled to remove it, but found her wrists are tightly cuffed.

"Mhmmm" she cried as she wriggled, and found her ankles and legs have been tightly taped together with the grey duct tape. She struggled more, and found she had been laid across the couch with a pillow under her head. The TV was on, with some sort of news report. But she was too frightened to care of pay attention. She scanned the room. Things were...normal. It was night, 10pm going by the clock on the wall and the curtains were closed.

She got scared. Her daughter! She struggled and tried to cry, but the duct tape had been tightly wrapped round her mouth and head, ensuring she couldn't get it off.

"Mhmmmm" she cried "MHMMMMMMMM!!"

The mother realised she lived in a block with mostly older residents, who probably wouldn't be able to hear her cries. She gave up and put her head back, breathing heavily. She felt the tight cuffs and hated how much it hurt, but the fear for her daughter's life soon took the pain away. Why was he doing what he was doing to her? Why? She trusted him!

Speak of the devil, her friend entered the room. She looked up to him, and he looked down at her smiling.

"Your daughter is safe" he said smoothly "just sleeping, you will see her soon".

"Mhmmmmm!" she screamed through the tape "Mhmmmm!"

He knealt next to her and stroked her hair. He then removed her gag.

"You bastard!" she screamed "if you have hurt my daughter I will -" he then clamped his gloved hand across her mouth tightly.

"Now now" he whispered "don't want to wake anyone!"

"Mhmmm" she flailed her head trying to get his hand off her mouth. He grabbed a role of duct tape and placed it over her mouth quick,y proceeding to then wrap the roll around her head and mouth tightly, around 5-6 times. The tightness is unbearable on her head. He clamped his hand over her taped mouth.

"There, that should do the trick"

She threw her head back and cried.

"You know..." he said "I always liked you. Ever since we first met. But I can't let you leave me."

She starred at him. "What?" she thought.

He looked at the clock, and sighed.

"Look, I would never harm you or the girl. And I will prove I haven't done anything, just wait."

He left the room. As she lay there, mouth gagged and wrists and ankles restrained, she started thinking. It would be near impossible to escape the cuffs unless she had the key. She looked at her landline phone at the other side of the room. Could she call authorities? She looked at her bound feet. She could hop over, but he has wrapped the tape completely around her head, there is no way she could speak. But then again, calling the police and leaving the phone off the hook would let them know something was wrong, and they will send someone out. She pondered, and contemplated making a go of it. But her body hurt, and she didn't want to risk her daughter's life. But who knows what he will be capable of, especially as he has done this to them.

It is too late however as he entered the room, with her daughter over his shoulders. He laid the girl down on a small armchair and pulled it up to the couch. He had her daughter gagged and bound also. The girl looked petrified. The mother got angry and screamed.

"Calm down" he said "I can't risk her alerting anyone now can I?"

He looked at the clock. Half 10.

"Okay" he said "say goodnight to her, she is going back to bed. We have a lot to discuss."

He picked the girl up and placed her towards the mother's head. The mother nuzzled the girl. It is unfortunate she is able to speak, as he refused to ungag him, but the mother told the daughter through her eyes that things will be okay. The daughter choked back the tears, as she was picked up and returned to bed.

The mother acted fast. It will take at least two minutes for him to come back, if clocked correctly. She sprung to her feet - still tightly taped - and hobbled over to the phone. She managed to get it off the line. She turned her back, kneeled down and dialed the emergency services using her fingers. She hobbled back to the couch, lay herself on it, brought her bound legs and feet on top and lay there. The man entered the room. She prayed that whoever on the line would know something was up and send the police out. Hopefully it won't be too late.

Part 2Edit

The man stroked her hair again. She tried to keep her heavy breathing tame, not wanting to alert him. She avoided contact with the phone, and wondered if an operator was put through yet.

"The girl is fine" he cooed "it's only you I am interested in"

He kissed her head, but his head shot away from her when a knock came at the door.

"Who the hell is that?" whispered the man. The woman just stared at him. She didn't know either. She hoped somehow the police reacted quick.

"Hello, you in?" shouted a man's voice.

The woman recognized it. Her ex-boyfriend. She wanted to scream, but knew with the gag it would be useless. She had a glimmer of hope he will deal with her captor.

The man looked at the woman. "I hate interruptions"

He got up and left the room.

She lay there. The knocking continued. Should she try and make a noise? But then again, the lights are on so should be a sign someone is home.

The handle of the front door turned, and the ex-boyfriend entered.

"Hello?" he said, in an almost hushed tone. Almost as if he detected something.

He entered the living area, and saw his ex-girlfriend, sprawled over the couch, bound and gagged. He is taken aback by the sight. She makes a muffled scream through the tape. He makes his way over to her in a quick reaction to untie her, but behind him appears the captor. The man bashes the ex-boyfriend over the head with a mallet, knocking him to the floor. The ex-boyfriend clutches his head, just as the man slams the mallet down, but he manages to roll and avoid another blow. The man ends up smashing into the floor, and snarls.

"Bastard!" snarls the man

The ex-boyfriend leaps up and grabs the man's arm, and then tackles him to the floor. The woman screams as loud as she can, her lungs burning her but the gag still holds. She hopes the commotion will attract attention. She begins to wriggle as she attempts to break the tape binding her legs and feet.

The man gets the upper hand, and takes a small knife and stabs the ex-boyfriend in the chest with it. The ex-boyfriend freezes, a startled look spreads across his face. Coming to the realisation of what has just happened, he falls to the floor. The woman stops wriggling, and looks at her ex in horror. Then up at the man. The man cleans the blood off the knife, and watches as the life leaves the body of the ex. He looks at the woman.

"Right, no more funny business. It is time."

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