Akira and gagged Rei

Akira with a bound and gagged Rei

Akira Yamamoto was sent on a mission deep into space. She was sent to a space station where she was sent to capture an unknown person who all she knew was a young girl that was indirectly affiliated and a vassel of an unknown organization that was opposed to her group. Akira activated a signal that would knock out the entire crew of the ship which was inactive for the night and was getting ready to pack up and shut down so when she activated the signal, the crew members were soon knocked out. Akira soon landed her craft and got out and wandered around the station. She took out her laser pistol and walked around the ship where she checked her scouting device and soon saw that everyone was out except for one signal. That signal was her target, the girl, and was actually waking up from cryostasis after the computer was affected by the signal which not only knocked out the crew members, but also forced all of the systems to reboot including the sleeping chambers. Akira soon dashed to the room and shortly afterwards ran into the girl who was young, attractive, and just got dressed in her suit. The girl was her target and her supervisor informed her that the girl was named Rei and had to be captured. Akira soon revealed herself and confronted the young girl. "Hands up" Akira said and Rei complied. "I'll comply but please don't hurt anyone else, I don't want harm." Rei said. 

Akira ordered Rei to get on her knees and put her hands behind her back which she did and this allowed Akira to take out green ropes and tie her up. Akira then took out a piece of white tape and put in on Rei's mouth effectivly gagging her. "Mmph" Rei said in small muffled cry. "Sorry kid, I don't like hostages talking, but thanks for complying. Now get up and move, you're coming with me." Akira soon escorted a bound and gagged Rei through the station and back to her ship and got information about her. Rei's age was around 18 and she was affiliated with Nerv, a splinter-faction from the Earth Government and was to be taken in and used for the Earth Military. Akira escorted Rei and was suprised and her willingness to comply and lack of resistance. "Mmmph mmph (where are we going? Please)" Rei said struggling to speak behind her gag. "Sorry kid, You're good for complying" Akira then got closer and put Rei's face to her's "But I don't take many chances and besides, the gag suits you and your quiet personality. So be a good girl and move kay?". Rei nodded and let out a muffled cry saying yes. "Good" Akira said "Now sshhh" she said as Akira stroke her finger down Rei's gag and they pair continued to move. As the walked, Akira looked at Rei and admired her slim figure, her body, and how she looked in her suit. Whenever Rei let out a few muffled cries, Akira smiled behind her back and loved seeing Rei lightly struggle and found it cute. A noise was soon heard and both of them stopped dead in their tracks. Akira grabbed Rei and they stood behind a cornor wall with Akira holding her pisol in one hand and a captive Rei in another. The sound was a malfunctioning drone which was trying to re-active itself during its system reboot and she hoped to wait it out. "Mmph" Rei said as Akira looked over to see Rei staring at her. Rei let out a few other muffled cries which she was trying to ask if Akira was fine but she ended up having Akira say "shhh" and put her finger against her gag. Rei stopped and a few seconds later, Akira looked back at Rei and thought to herself (Hey, she's actually kinda cute) and remembered that she's only 19 despite her tall height but sweated as she though that her thoughts would only interfere with the mission. Despite that however, she still looked at Rei and began to admire Rei's silence, submissive nature, and how she looked being her hostage and being all bound and gagged.

Eventually the drones had deactivated after their systems were forced into another reboot and so Akira continued with Rei being up front and at gun point. While walking, Akira looked down and saw Rei walking where she looked down at her rear end. Akira then thought to herself "Damn, she's got a really nice body" and even made a request to have Rei be her subordinate when the mission was done. "Mph?" Rei said after Akira's call and soon Akira told Rei that she would soon serve under her authority after the mission and asked if she understood. Rei noded her head and let out a muffled yes. "Good" Akira said "Now then, let's get going cutie" Rei blushed in embarresment but continued moving. The two eventually made it to a hanger and Rei walked onto the ship first. Inside, there was a lot fo accomodations such as a mini kitchen and a diner-like table Rei was sat down on the diner table while Akira took out more tape and tied up Rei's legs.