Quiet Road Trip

A quiet ride indeed

It was a hot summer day in Arizona, the sum was beating down and a cool summer breeze was flying through. On the side of a road, a car lies broken down and its driver, a woman by the name of Rachel Maxine Waterson, is trying to repair it. She tried her best, but the engine was busted and she was covered in fumes when she saw a car coming and made the hitchking symbol. The car slowed down and inside was a blonde woman by the name of Katherine Baker who was excited to see Rachel as she pulled over for her. 

Katherine stopped completely and exited the car where she proceeded to talk to Rachel. "Thank you so much, my car broke down" the latter said in a sign of relief. "What's a pretty girl doing all the way out here" Katherine said as gave Rachel some water. "I was trying to get to an airport when my car broke down and the engine won't work" Rachel explained. "I'm Rachel by the way. Katherine". Katherine went to her car and brought out a wet rag saying that she can help clean Rachel to which she said sure. The rag however, was doused in chloroform and was put over Rachel's mouth to knock her unconscious which happened to her within a few seconds. 

Katherine siged and brought out a bunch of belts from her trunk and began tying up Rachel. As she began gagging Rachel, Katheirne looked down and noticed how Rachel was wearing loose clothing due to the weather and complimented her despite being unconcious. "Nice cloths you got there. You'll be perfect" as the last belt was put in Rachel's mouth effectively gagging her. Katherine put her captive's body in the back of her car and stroked her face in admiration knowing that she now had another woman to sell for money. Katherine herself would go out and lure women in by any means necessary, kidnap them, and hold them hostage while she sold them for money or kept them for herself. Rachel was going to be kept and Katherine drove by as she waited for her captive to wake up.

After sometime, Rachel woke up at last to realize her current situation. "Errph Errrmph mmph" Rachel let out as she felt the gag in her mouth and the binds that were keeping her together. "Morning sunshine" Katherine said as Rachel began squirming, but to no avail. "Plrrrph errph Mmmpr (Please, let me go)" was let out from a bound and gagged Rachel scared for her life, but Katherine only smiled with glee. Katerine drove across the road for at least half an hour with Rachel laying in the back bound, gagged, and afriad of what was going to happen to her. After thirty minutes had passed, they arrived at a house where Rachel was carried out and brought to a room where she her binds were altered and she was tied to a chair and her gag was tightened. She sturggled some more and let out more muffled cries, but it was useless and Katherine kissed Rachel on her gag saying "That outta keep ya quiet" and it did. Rachel was surprised and thought that she was kidnapped by some psychotic lustful criminal, but she saw her captor get on her phone and call someone saying that she had a "gift" for them and looked at Rachel, knowing that she was the "gift" to this mysterious person.