Two lovely ladies are bound and gagged by Harley Quinn & Poison in order take their places as entourage.


Once again Harley Quinn falls out of good graces with The Joker.  To make up for loosing a heist that would of made a ton of money, Harley teams up with her friend Poison Ivy to try and score big. They planned to steal funds by hacking a communications company, but to do that they have to hack the mainframe from inside the company. So they decide to sneak into a charity fundraiser being held at the company building. They knock out two female entourages, Rose and Fiona, bound & gag them, leave them in a car and take their places. These two are never seen again.

Times of Distress


Harley and Ivy: Love on the Lam

  • Issue #1

Other Facts

  • It is unknown whether or not these ladies names are actually "Rose" and "Fiona". It is quite possible that Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn just chose those identities respectively.